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On the southern coast of the island, where the endless sea meets the archetype earth, under the heavy shade of Kerkis mountain, is situated the hotel “KYMA”. Modern, hospitable, etheral white, stands beside the azure Aegean sea and waits for you to enliven it
It’s rooms, furnished with our personal care, are ready to accommodate your summer dream.

Allow us to take good care of you

Allow us to take care of your ideal vacation in our island.

Start your day with a delicious traditional or European breakfast, in our restaurant, or near the swimming pool. Feel the morning breeze in our garden, in your room’s balcony or near the coast. If you prefer, we can organise for you an excursion in order to discover our beautiful island. Enjoy your bathe in the clear water of our unique sea, or in the hotel’s swimming pool and let the sun entice you in its hot summer breath. You can always exercise yourselves by playing tennis in our tennis court, or relax in our comfortable reclining chairs.

Unique rooms to stay
Swimming – pools, Tennis courts and bars for your revelry
Excursions and personal service

Its age-long history has incused its marks on the well-preserved monuments, the toponyms and the peculiar articulation of the Greek language.

Godess’s Hera blessing engenders the spirit of Pythagoras and Aristarchus, the blessed power of Polycrates, the bravery of Lycourgus, the musical and poetical beauty of Kleanthis.

Proud and independent, came through the hazardous paths of history up to nowadays, surrounded by its incomparable scenery, the sun and the sea.

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A Visit to Pythagorion - Samos Island

In ancient times, Samos, played a significant role in culture and politics, not only for the region of Ionia, but for the entire ancient Greece. In the times of Polycrates, Samos became the center of the Ionian civilization. Various important monuments were constructed, such as the Eupalinion Tunnel, the temple of Hera, open-air theaters, as well as palaces, which Roman emperor Caligula tried to restore much later. In addition, Polycrates was the first to establish a library containing all significant texts produced by the human spirit up-till then.
Following Polycrates’ assasination in 522 BC, many wars took place and Samos was the focal point of the conflicts between the Greeks and the Persians. It was finally devastated by the Athenians under Pericles in 439 BC after a siege that lasted for several months. During the Byzantine period, Samos, just like all islands, suffered great catastrophes by various invaders and pirates. In the time of the Crusaders, it came under Venetian rule, later it came back to the Byzantines and it eventually fell to the Genovese in 1346. Since Samos was in the focal point of the pirate raids, its inhabitants started to abandon it and in 1476 the last inhabitants fled, along with the Genovese. So Samos became almost desolate with only a few inhabitants living on the mountains.
In 1549 the Turkish fleet came to Samos, commanded by Admiral Khilich Ali Pasha. He admired the Samian environment and when he realized that the island was desolate, he requested the sultan to cede it to him as a present, a wish that the Sultan granted him. The pasha then intended to have the island repopulated by granting unprecedented privileges to the new inhabitants and thus the first villages were formed. Following Khilich Ali’s death, the privileges began to gradually be abated, though the Samians kept being in a more advantageous position than the rest of the Greeks.
In 1821 Samos was one of the places rising in revolt against the Turks. The few Turks that were, at the time, on the island just had the time to leave and despite many attempts of the Turkish fleet to reconquer the island, they never made it. Since 1834 and until 1912 when Samos joined Greece, Samians were granted a form of political independence, under the patronage of the Great Powers, with the obligation of paying tribute to the Ottoman Empire. During this period, Samos experienced a significant economic prosperity.

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